Hey there! I’m Taylor, an 18 year-old girl who loves to spend her free time flipping through pages of books. I’m originally a BookTuber but decided to start up this site because, honestly, I think book blogs are the cutest and seem like a lot of fun!

Another place you can find me is over on teenreads.com! I am a part of their Teen Advisory Board where I get to write reviews and blog posts for the site. You can find my contributor page here.

But ANYWAYS now that I’ve bored you with all the nitty gritty details, here are some more facts about me:

→ pronouns: she/her

→ besides reading, I LOVE watching films! some of my favorites include: lady bird, casablanca, roman holiday (one of the best audrey hepburn movies imo), amelie, and pretty much all marvel movies.

→ music is also another passion of mine. I can’t play any instruments for the life of me but I adore listening to amazing tunes whenever I can. my go-to’s are: khalid, fleetwood mac, the beatles, the lumineers, and pretty much anything from the ’80s.

→ speaking of the ’80s, my favorite show of ALL TIME is stranger things!! fr… it’s an unhealthy obsession

→ besides the stuff listed above, my other interests include: vines, dogs, plants, and traveling (the order of those change from time to time)

So yeah, that’s a bit about me! If you have any questions to ask me or just want to fangirl together about anything feel free to hit me up on my twitter @taylorfriedeggs. That’s all for now though, I hope you guys find something to enjoy about this blog (i’m writing this the night I create it so we’ll see how things go😂)!