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YA Quotes Spoken Like Shakespeare

If you weren’t aware of it already, today is National Talk Like Shakespeare Day and the man’s 454th birthday! I thought it would be fun to do a post to celebrate the iconic dude so I will be sharing some quotes found in Young Adult literature. However, there’s a catch… they’ll all be in Shakespearean lingo! I also thought it would be exciting to make this into a challenge, so I won’t be saying what books the quotes are from. If you want, feel free to comment your guesses as to what titles they originally show up in!


I hope you all enjoy and get a bit of a kick out of this because Shakespeare-knows I did. 😂


Quote #1:

“As that gent readeth, I hath fallen in loveth the way thee falleth asleep: but soft, and then all betimes.”

Quote #2:

“Is this the parteth wh’re thee starteth tearing off strips of thy shirt to bindeth mine own wounds?”
“If thee did want me to rip mine own robes off, thee shouldst just hath asked.”

Quote #3:

“And so the lion hath fallen in loveth with the lamb…” that gent did murmur. I did look hence, hiding mine own eyes as I thrill’d to the w’rd.
“What a no more brain than stone lamb,” I sigh’d.
“What a sick, masochistic lion. ”

Quote #4:

“He tells me to picketh the music. I’m not sure if ‘t be true that gent knoweth yond handing me his ipod is liketh handing me the window to his soul.”

Quote #5:

“What’s the pointeth of having a voice if ‘t be true thou art gonna beest silent in those moments thee shouldn’t beest?”

Quote #6:

“No, i’m not choosing that gent ‘r thee. I’m choosing me.”

Quote #7:

“To the stars who is’t listen— and the dreams yond art answ’r’d. ”

Quote #8:

“But thee knoweth, happiness can beest hath found coequal in the dunnest of times, if ‘t be true one only rememb’rs to turneth on the lighteth.”


Do you recognize any of the quotes above? What are some favorite quotes of yours? Do you like any of Shakespeare’s work? Until next time,

Happy Reading! ♡xoxo


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