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Matchmaking Books + Music!

If you don’t know, music and books are two of my most favorite things in the world (along with plants, films, sloths, and vines… but we can get into that later). I thought that it would be fun to combine my two interests and match up some of my fave tunes and titles! I have a lot more pair ideas for the future so if you like this post, feel free to let me know if you’d like to see me do this again!


phonto - Copy (5)

Michael Kiwanuka – Cold Little Heart

Truly Devious, by Maureen Johnson


phonto - Copy (4)

Of Monsters And Men – Slow and Steady

Words In Deep Blue, by Cath Crowley


phonto - Copy (2)

Bishop Briggs – River

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, by Michelle Hodkin


phonto - Copy (3)

Paramore – 26

Moxie, by Jennifer Mathieu



Khalid – Saved

Starry Eyes, by Jenn Bennett


phonto - Copy

Miley Cyrus – Malibu

Starfish, by Akemi Dawn Bowman



Have you read any of the books or listened to any of the songs above? What are some of your favorite songs/books? If you had to pair up any tunes with titles, what would you go with? Until next time,

Happy Reading! ♡xoxo


17 thoughts on “Matchmaking Books + Music!

  1. Ooh, interesting post! I could never come up with songs to match with books though because whenever I need a specific one my mind goes blank on all the songs I’ve ever heard. Haha

    I am a HUGE fan of Starfish, but I’m not really a fan of “Malibu” by Miley. Paired with Starfish though, it just seems to fit!

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  2. This was such a cute post idea! I know I need to read Starfish 1. because I love the ocean and starfish are my favorite sea creatures and 2. because I love miley’s song malibu so much. Now i know it’s a must!

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  3. Omg this is such a great idea! I love this so much! I don’t usually listen to music when reading cause I end up getting pretty distracted but I do love the idea of this. Some of these books are on my TBR and I’ll have to try them with the song. Also love 26 by paramore. One of my favorite bands.

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