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Tips On Creating Book Aesthetics

Lately in the book community, a popular trend has been making aesthetic boards for books we’re reading. It’s a lot of fun and even a great way to express yourself while at the same time really diverging yourself into a story. I’ve been making aesthetic boards on twitter/tumblr for a while now and know how tricky they can sometimes be, so I thought it would be fun to put together some advice for creating them!


▸Know What You’re Reading!

Book aesthetics are only tricky when you don’t know what pictures to use. When i’m making them they’re usually of books that i’ve recently finished/are currently reading. It makes it easier for me to know what topics to search up when it comes time to putting together a collection of photos!


I swear that this website is a life savor when looking for cute pictures! The entire site is basically a hub for anything you may be looking for and is nice because you can make boards for each of the books you’re making aesthetics for. Here are some quick tips when using the site:

  1. Make an account so that you can create boards for each book/character and save pins to them! It’s a lot easier to organize and you will be able to save a lot more storage than making folders on your computer.
  2. When searching for certain types of pictures, use the word ‘aes’/’aesthetic’ after what you’re searching to get better results:


3. When using pictures of people, try to have them match the character descriptions in the book you’re doing the aesthetic for. It makes it a lot more fun and it helps as a visual to people who want to/are reading the book.

4. Look for boards that other people have made on the character/book. It’s not bad to get inspiration off of others and — who knows — maybe you’ll find just the right picture you’re looking for in their collection!

– Side note: it’s easier to find the cute boards when you put the word ‘lit’ after you’ve typed what you’re trying to find:

Screenshot (19)

5. Try to choose photos with the same lighting + stick to a certain color scheme. It will definitely save you the trouble later on when you’re putting the pictures together so that they’ll match perfectly right away!

▸A Clean Collage Is Key

In my opinion, I believe the hardest part of making book aesthetics is putting all of the pictures together. You could have the cutest pictures that look gorgeous on their own, but if you place them randomly on the collage, it will look like a mess. My tips for creating the perfect collage are:

  1. Find an app that’s easy to use and can export final products in great quality. I previously used PicMonkey but now they require a paid membership, I looked for an alternative. You can any editing app works for you but, for me, I now use BeFunky.com since it’s free and very simple to operate!
  2. When I create my collages I always stick to three things:
    1. Eight picture collages
    2. No spacing between photos
    3. All photos are rectangular (no squares) and the same size

Remember that those are just trends that I like to stick to! If you have a look that you’re interesting in, definitely go for it! There’s no right or wrong way to make aesthetics 🙂

▸Adding a Filter

The last tip is definitely optional since it’s all up to the creator’s opinion. I don’t do this anymore but I used to add a filter to the finished collage just to add a bit of similarity for each picture but, like I said, it’s definitely not necessary!

▸Share Them Online

I post all of my book aesthetics to my tumblr, eclecticsloths. I feel like posting the aesthetics online is a nice way to store them so that I don’t have to keep them in a folder on my computer where it takes up space. I also get to share them with the bookish community and see what others think of them which is always fun!

Here are some of my past creations:












Do you like making book aesthetics? If so, what are some other tips you may have for people wanting to make them that I haven’t mentioned above? What would be a book/character you would make an aesthetic for right this moment?? Until next time,

Happy Reading! ♡xoxo



15 thoughts on “Tips On Creating Book Aesthetics

  1. I love looking at book aesthetics. I find them so pretty and sometimes they’ve even sold me on checking out the book. I recently made a couple for Ace of Shades. It was hard at first cause I made them when I didn’t read the book. It was still a lot of fun. I really like the ones you made.

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